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About PhotoFunia.com

PhotoFunia.com is one of the most popular photo effect, where you can make various photo effect just in second. All of these photo effect generate automatically, no need to make extra effect. Just Choose any template, select your photo click go to get photo effect quickly.
Would you like to see your picture on the cover of a magazine or book front page or on advertising billboards of Times Square? How amazing will it be to see your photo with Hollywood Bollywood celebrities i.e. actress actors or hero heroine? Want to try out an astronaut or a Santa suit? Or you prefer something more exotic, just like a dancer at the Rio's carnival? Excited to find out how good you look with a witch's hat or a queen's crown on? Perhaps you're just looking for a nice frame for your photos on a special occasion? You really get excited when beautiful girls kissing on your photo banner. These all things get possible with PhotoFunia photo effect just in second.

PhotoFunia Url: http://photofunia.com/

A countless of Hundreds of Photo effects is waiting for you. These all photo effect is arranged in categorized way. Here we list all available categories..
  • All effects : Listing all PhotoFunia Photo effect.
  • Lab : PhotoFunia Photo Lab effect, photo text effect, Calender, Graffiti Text, Wooden Sign, Badges, Sand writing, Oil Painting, Pencil Drawing, Classic Frame, Face swap etc.
  • Filters : PhotoFunia Filters effect, Photo Vintage Shot, Snowy Day effect, Create Marine invironment, Evening storm, Cool Wind effect, Dark Night, Romantic environment, Winter Morning, Caramel Cloud etc.
  • Cards : PhotoFunia Cards Effect, French postcard, Easter Postcard, Card with Laces, Festive Sweets, Christmas Tree Postcard effect.
  • Posters : Photofunai Photo Posters effect, Two City lights, Keep Calm, Two Female Fans kissing, Billboard Workers, Beautiful Girls with Poster, Photofunia Applying Makeup effect, Snow in London photo poster effect, Wanted Poster, Photofunia Wall Banner, Armani Mania effect, Perfume shop environment, Photofunia Posters with photo Reflection, Reconstruction environment and many more..
  • Galleries : Photofunia Photo Galleries photo effect. Create Amazing photo galleries such as London Gallery, National Gallery of Art, Large Painting, Modern Art Exhibition Gallery, Copying the Masterpiece, Family in the Museum, Galatea of the Spheres etc.
  • Photography: PhotoFunia Photography, Together Forever, Flower Frame, Memories of Paris, Burning Photo effect, Film Scan effect, Valentine's Day, Square Photo Frame, Polaroid Dress, Victoria Beckham photography effect, Marilyn Autograph, Film Photography, Photo Exhibition etc..
  • Faces : PhotoFunia Funny face effect, Couple Photo face effect, Football Fan, Face swap, Vampire photo face effect, Fat Maker, Taylor and Kristen face effect, Put your face in Santa, Brazilian Carnival, Superman face effect, Iron Man, Pirates of the Caribbean, Bride in Grass, Bunny Ears funny face effect, Mona Lisa face effect, The First Man on the Moon, Hot Lady with Fan, Female Gambler, Hot Girl Kissing your photo etc..
  • Billboards : Photofunia Billboards photo effect, Galeries Lafayette, Midnight Billboard, Taxis on Times Square, Streets of New York, Blue City Lights, Graffiti Billboard, Prince of Wales Theatre, Retail Park, One Night in New York, Rotating Billboard, Riverside Billboard, Torn Billboard etc.
  • Celebrities: Photofunia Celebrities Photo effect. Make your photo effect with popular Hollywood, Bollywood stars such as Angelina Jolie, Victoria Beckham, Marilyn Monroe, Marilyn Autograph, Vampire, The Mortal Instruments, Obama photo effect, Celebrity Madonna, Brad Pitt, Paris , Chris Pirillo etc..
  • Frames : Make your photo in Frame by Photo funia Fames effect, Antique Shop, Spring memories, Golden Valentine, Summer Love, Flower Frame, Daffodils, Museum Kid, Vintage Mirror frame, Be My Valentine, Square Photo Frame, Late Autumn, Street Exhibition Galatea of the Spheres and so many...
  • Drawings: Photofunia Photo Drawings effect, Drawing near the Sea, Painter at work, Pencil Drawing, Pavement Artist, Classic Frame, Painter on the Bridge, Portrait on the Wall, Romantic Etude, Pavement Drawing, Artist in the Dark, Art Painting etc..
  • Vintage: Create Photofunia Photo Vintage like Heart Locket, Valentine's Day, Be My Valentine, Vintage TV Sets, Lady with Fan, Developing Photos etc..
  • Misc: Photofunia miscellaneous photo effect, Foggy Window Writing, Making Tattoo, Easter Egg, Anime, Morning News, Pink Heart, Photo booth, Hot Lady with Mug, The Return of the Dollar, Coffee Break, Christmas Tree Balls, Kitty, In the Cinema etc..
  • Magazines: Photofunia Magazines photo effet, Vogue Magazine Back Cover, Reading on the balcony, Esquire, Hammock, Death Proof etc.
  • Professions : Photofunia Professions photo effect, Bodybuilder, FBI Agent, Football Players, Volunteer, Basketball Player, Hockey team, Goalkeeper, Hockey etc..
  • Movies: Photofunia Movies Posters effect, Twilight, The Mortal Instruments, Taylor and Kristen, The Three Musketeers, Pirates of the Caribbean, Death Proof etc..
  • TV : Photofunia photo effect on Television, TV interference, Vintage TV Sets, TV Prisoner, Very Old Telly, TV Girl etc.
  • Books : Get Photo on Book cover, Art Book, Book lover, Flipping Pages, Classic old Book, Hand Lens, Reproduction etc..

How to make Photo Effect using Photofunia.com

1. Select any photo effect from any categories or any template which you want to create..
2. Click "Choose Photo" Button, Browse to Select a photo from your specified location.
You can also select your recent photo from camera or from any social network where your photo stored..
In some template there are some text effect facility available, modify text according to your imagination.
Sometimes more then one photo need to be uploaded such as "Flipping Pages effect"..
3. Select an area of the photo you would like to apply effect and press ok.
Click on the Go and get effect ready within a second.

If you have mobile device and want to use all these effect, photofunia apps is available for that. PhotoFunia apps is available for most of mobile devices such as..
  • PhotoFunia for Windows Phone
  • PhotoFunia for Android
  • PhotoFunia for iOS
  • PhotoFunia for BlackBerry
  • PhotoFunia for WebOS
  • PhotoFunia for Symbian
Get All apps from here : http://photofunia.com/apps

The Bottom Line:

On the above discussion we can say, PhotoFunia.com is the best way to add various photo effect in more effective and realistic way. In only a few seconds an amazing Photofunia photo collage, photo Frame is ready, absolutely free. Photofunia make me smile for cool and amazing photo effect.
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