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This online escape tool convert/parse your adsense, chitika, adbrite, infoLinks and any HTML/JavaScript code into XML coding format which are compatible with the all blogger templates.
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How To use this tool for adsense code parsing for blogger blogspot blogs?

Very simple, just enter or paste html code in to above first box, parsed code will be generated automatically in the second box. just copy and past this code to your blogger template where you need to place it.

What is HTML/JavaScript to XML Parser or Escape tool or adsense code parser/converter

Adsense code parser/converter is use to parse the HTML special character like <, >&, or " to HTML Entities such as: < by &lt; > by &gt; and so on.

Why we need to use Adsense code parser/converter in blogger blog templates

Generally Blogger HTML template is get parsed by blogger interface automatically but, sometimes HTML special character like <, &, or " is not supported by Blogger templates so we need to parse them manually from HTML special Character to HTML entities. When you try to save adsense code inside blogger template then "Error parsing XML" error message is get arises. And then you can't save change without fixing the problem. HTML/JavaScript to XML Parser is the finally solution for that.

If parsed adsense code Run in the blogger, will I break any AdSense program policies?

No. Using this parser tool doesn't breaks AdSense program policies because you are NOT modifying the ad code in any way. You just convert HTML special characters to its entities. To be sure, use the adsense parse code in your template and then view source of the page. You’ll find no change in the adsense ad code. Just try it. Note: This parser tool will make possible to add google adsense, chitika, infolinks, adbrite, adsforindian and so many scripting features to blogger template. Sometimes Blogger templates don't allow some scripted features provided by third parties, so this tool are very important for every blogger user.
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