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SeeNow.com one of the best online funny face effect, where you can upload your photo and get an amazing result just in second! If you want to put your face in hole of your favorites stars, its a best place for you. The all things is possible in few step. Just select a prank photo that you want to create, upload photo of yourself or your family member or a celebrity photo you want to joke with and have fun in matter of seconds.

SeeNow.com uses advanced face detection technology and original face skin tone color calibration to create the funniest, most realistic photo montages. They highly recommend that you use a webcam to take snapshots of yourself to express a full range of emotions to create funny photo lol of your own.

How to add Funny Face effects to your photo with SeeNow:

1. Select Template from any specified categories such as: New, Movies, Music, Valentine, Sport Other or Magazines
2. Upload photo of yourself or your family member or a celebrity photo you want to joke with or Upload image via URL

Note: You can also use previous uploaded photo for next effect by clicking "Use previously uploaded" Image Icon.

3. Tweak your face for right place by applying zoom, move, rotate the face.

4. And Finally click "Finish and Share" button.

Have fun to get awesome picture!

End of the final touch, SeeNow provide a link "Make it real!"
Here they can print this picture on many awesome products.

The bottom line:

By Using SeeNow you can make Free funny pictures, photo pranks & jokes, funny face comic albums, humor face effect, Celebrities face effect, Face on Magazines front page and so many face effect online free...
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